Telesto sp.

Soft coral

Telesto sp., Weichkoralle, Soft coral
code: WHTKV0100

Exif Keywords: Meer, Meerestier, Meerestiere, Niedere Tiere, Wirbellose, Invertebrata, Invertebrate, Invertebrates, Korallenriff, coral reef, Cnidaria, Hohltiere, Hohltier, Koralle, Korallen, coral
Exif ImageDescription: Telesto sp., Weichkoralle, Soft coral

The Alcyonacea, or the soft corals are an order of corals which do not produce calcium carbonate cups. Instead they contain minute, spiney skeletal elements called sclerites. One type is dead man's fingers, which is a type that is no larger than 7 centimeters and is found in warm water reagions. Other organisms in the Alcyonaria subclass include sea pens, sea fans, sea whips and fleshy soft corals. Source:Wikipedia

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